Monday, September 29, 2008

I can't believe I did that...

About two weeks ago, the Circuit City near us relocated to a new shopping plaza. So they held a fancy grand opening. Jason Campbell was there to sign autograph. No, I'm not really a Skins fan but my husband is. So he told me to just drop by after work and see if I can buy the charity football and get Mr. QB to sign it.

I got there an hour before QB's appearance. Stood in line for... you know, 2.5 hours then stupid store manager told us the line will get cut off! I was close enough to actually SEE the QB's face yet still so far. Mr. store manager could and should have cut the line off like say 2 hours ago?!!! What a total waste of time! People were PISSED OFF! A couple sheriff was there just in case :) Some ppl yelled out "LET'S GO TO BESTBUY!" haha sort of childish but funny :)

There was this one kid (probably 12 yrs old?) stood in front of me, so funny! He was complaining to his mom the whole time how he KNEW we'll get cut off. So he said "let me just go inside and look." He came back 10 mins later and guess what??? He got QB's autograph. He told his mom that "I just stood there and look sad..." The story doesn't end there! He then told this kid behind him (probably couple years younger), "do you want me to take you there? All you have to do is stood there and look sad! If they won't sign it, you can come back to line. You got nothing to loose!" haha what a smarty pants!!! Too smart for his age! So 5 mins later, they both return w/ big smiles AND autography on their football! I wish I can do the same...

The only thing I have to show for is this picture that I took w/ my little compact camera:

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some prick stole part of our barrier wall decorative bricks. Com'on!!! These bricks only $1.99 @ Home Depot. My inlaws walk the dogs every morning by our house. They told us they only noticed ONE brick was missing @ 7am - yes, they checked. By the time we finally saw it (around noon), 6 of them were gone. WTF???! So this prick took one then came back w/ a car to take more? I'm so annoyed! We've filed a police report and notified all the neighbors. Agrrrr!!!! Should we move or just get a yappy dog?! :)