Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm officially heavier than Eric @ 7 months. I did my glucose test two weeks ago. Didn't hear back from my doctor so hopefully I passed. I'm going for another round of u/s in a few weeks. Baby Chu is quite active these days. I'll feel / see the kick whenever I sit too long. Baby room still not set up nor hospital bag is packed. I'm getting a bit nervous these days thinking what if Baby Chu decided to come early. We did however sign up for the birthing class and hospital tour though. That's a good start right? :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

HUGE; BIG; ROUND @ 6 months

I've been getting a lot of "you're HUGE; you're BIG; you're ROUND!" comments lately. (Thank you, thank you, I am very well aware of that!)

I can't see the numbers on the scale anymore because my tummy is in the way :) Doc said I've gained about 22lbs so far. I'll be doing my glucose test in 3 weeks. I'll keep y'all updated! Other than that, things are well.

Baby Chu is moving more these days, especially when I sit too long. I guess that's a reminder from my baby that I need to get up and take a walk :)