Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shower with love...

Baby Chu now have a crib, swing, bouncer, bassinet, bath tub, high chair, stroller, baby monitor, lots of clothes, and many more stuff. Eric and I don't think we have all that when we were a baby! No, I did not go crazy w/ shopping. Most of the stuff are hand-me-down and the rest are gifts from family and friends. Baby Chu already loved by many. One lucky baby! :)

We had our check-up last week. Baby Chu estimated weight is 5lbs. My family doesn't think that's accurate though because they think I look like I'm carrying twins! Doctor said only ONE in there :) I passed the glucose test also. So all is well. We already did the hospital tour. Oh my hospital bag is also packed. We'll be taking the birth class this coming Sunday, 10am - 4pm!!!

Click here for album from baby shower this past weekend.